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Appliance test & tagging service


Matrix Electrical Solutions provides and appliance Test and Tagging service to comply with Australian Standard AS/NZ3760.


We can advise you on your testing and tagging requirements including how often it is necessary to test and tag appliances in your work place (this differs depending on your work enviroment)


Matrix Electrical Solutions are also able to attend construction sites and test and tag tradesman's tools as required on the site to comply with workplace health and safety requirements.


A report on all appliances tested will be provided to you for your OH&S records, and if there are any faults found Matrix Electrical Solutions will make the appropriate repairs to faulty appliance plugs as required.


Whilst testing and tagging your appliances Matrix Electrical Solutions will also test your RCD (Safety Switch) as per the Work Place Health & Safety Act 2011 to ensure that the RCD will repsond to a fault situation.


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