Licensed Electricians Adelaide

Certain jobs require the services of experts or specialists if you want to get value for money spent. One of such job is electrical and wiring jobs for your new home or your business premises. Here, licensed electrician Adelaide are the best route to take.

In Adelaide, as in all cities in Australia, there are electricians whose services are not up to scratch. Often, what they claim is always short of what they can deliver. However, the evidence is in the numerous complaints of people unfortunate to hire them.

Because of the attendant risks, it is very important not to hire any handyman to handle serious electrical works. It is a recipe for disaster. Obviously, you don’t want to lose your home or electronics due to shoddy jobs by quacks.

Here are more reasons you should always hire licensed electricians Adelaide for important electrical works at home or place of business.


  1. Electrical standards and codes

Professional electricians Adelaide keep abreast of the latest standards of the industry in Australia. Accordingly, the regulators always set these standards and codes to protect people from electrically-related hazards.

When you hire a licensed commercial electrical contractor, you are sure the work would be done to the specified standards. No corners would be cut. And you would get the best advice on everything related to the job.


  1. Getting local or state permit

Most electrical installations jobs require permits from the local or state authorities. Licensed electrical contractors know how to get these permits easily.

Hiring cheap unlicensed electricians to cut costs might lead to delays. However, this is because they might find it hard to get the permits. In some cases, unlicensed contractors don’t even know permits are needed for certain electrical jobs.

This could cause a lot of problems for you with the local and state authorities in the future.


  1. Insurance against injuries

Normally, licensed electricians Adelaide are required to get insurance as part of the process of registration. This is very important in case of injuries or accidents while on the job.

However, accidents are part of parcel of the job. But with adequate insurance cover, you would be fully compensated for any damage done to your property. Personal injuries too are covered by the contractor’s insurance.

You definitely won’t get that with an unlicensed electrician.


  1. Correct specifications

Electrical jobs for homes or offices involve more than just installing the right wires where they are needed. Licensed electricians are knowledgeable and have the expertise in providing the right electrical fittings and installations.

For instance, if you need special LED lighting, unique tracks, cupboards, etc, the licensed electrician would provide these services with the right specifications. This is important to prevent electrical hazards like fires and short-circuiting.


So any time you need to wire a house or a commercial property, insist on a licensed technician. It is easy to contact licensed electrician Adelaide. Most of them have websites where you can get their contact information.

With over 20 years Electrician Adelaide experience Simon Butler and his team at Matrix Electrical Solutions pride themselves on providing the highest quality electrical and data service to all of our builders, domestic and commercial clients.